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Why choose Molteno Materials?

  • The materials are carefully structured for early, emergent, and fluent readers.
  • The materials are not translated but rather based on the specific orthographical building blocks as well as a natural progression of phonics learning for each target language.
  • In each reader, there is explicit instruction for successful decoding, as well as reading activities related to the story to improve comprehension.

What is the Star level rating?


GradeRecommended readers
Grade 11 and 2 star graded readers
Grade 23 star and up graded readers
Grade 3

Reader 1A/1B

Reader 2A/2B

Reader 3A/3B

Reader 4A/AB











  • Learners needs to read and understand all books at each level, including mastering the relevant phonics and sight words, before they can progress to the next level. For example, a Grade 2 learner may not be ready for a 3 star level reader yet, and may need to read the previous star levels first.
  • Grade 3 books are divided in difficulty by term. Learners must start with Term 1 A/B before moving on to the Term 2 A/B readers, and so on.

What is the difference between a Library Pack and a Classroom Pack?

It is cheaper to order books in packs rather than individual titles:

Grade 1/2 (32 graded readers in total)

  • A Library Pack = 1 copy x 32 readers at a reduced rate.
  • A Classroom Pack = 6 copies x 32 readers at a reduced rate.

Grade 3 (8 readers in total)

  • Classroom Pack A = 15 copies of each reader at a reduced rate.
  • Classroom Pack B = 20 copies of each reader at a reduced rate.
  • Classroom Pack C = 25 copies of each reader at a reduced rate.

What is the best way to use the materials?

Molteno offers an array of literacy materials. They are best used in conjunction:

Graded readers can be used for shared, group, guided, paired and independent reading;

Big Books – to be used with the graded readers for guided reading;

Alphabet friezes – teach the single letter sounds of the language’s alphabet;

Phonics charts – teach sounds of the language that are made up of more than one letter;

Vocabulary posters – are themed posters to teach new words.

How many readers do I need to order for Grade 3?

Each learner does not need their own copy of each of the 8 readers.

Learners are required to complete two readers per term. Readers A and B are at the same level, so half the class begins with Reader 1A and the other half of the class begins with Reader 1B. The first learner(s) in each group to complete their readers swap with each other, and so on through the terms.


Below is the pack suggestions for Grade 3 based on how many children are in your class:

Grade 3

Classroom Pack A

Classroom Pack B

Classroom Pack C








30 learners

31-40 learners

41-50 learners